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KGVA Radio Station was established in 1996
and officially went "On-Air" on October 29,
1996.  The need for better communication and
disseminating information not only within the
Fort Belknap Indian Reservation but for the
surrounding communities that lie in the
adjacent areas sparked the fire to establish
this needed service.  The Fort Belknap
College took on this challenge and pursued
funding to build:

The First and Only Native Radio Station in
KGVA 88.1 FM

Tribal Council Regular Meetings
Each Month we broadcast live the regular council meetings
for the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.  
Catch the latest Tribal Council meetings LIVE!!
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Council meeting is....
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Dear KGVA Listener/ Website Participant:

"WHA HEY  NAA TEE!" Hello my friends!

It is with sincere honor that I share this short invite with you.  Since my orientation as KGVA Station
Manager on March 15, 2010, my journey has been both rewarding and exciting.  Many challenges and
successes are in store for the KGVA staff and me.

As our elders advise, my prayer for each of you today is for "good health, long life, blessings for you
and your families and may your home fires always burn warm and strong!"  Your interaction with KGVA
is surely appreciated and may your involvement be rewarding.

KGVA's new broadcast logo of "Fair...Wholeistic...Unique..." is your guarantee that as the only Native
public broadcasting station in the great state of Montana, the staff of KGVA will be up for the challenge.

Our quality programming of pertinent information, educational exposure as well as cultural
presentation and sharing of the integrity and dignity of the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre aboriginal
nations will be a blessing to your life.

Enjoy our offerings and may your journey always be one of a worthy walk on the RED ROAD OF LIFE!


Gerald J. Stiffarm (BEARSHIRT)
KGVA Station Manager

Red Club Members

Marlin & Deb LaTray
Edwards Funeral Home
Kirkwood Funeral Home
Bear Paw Monuments
Sears - Havre Holiday Village
Injury Prevention - Tribal
Dr. Sue King - ANC Faculty

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